About US

Guangzhou Compass Consulting limited, headquartered in Hongkong, China, is a professional business services a worldwide, providing professional Global Corporation registration, accounting tax audit, corporate brand registration and planning, enterprise investment and financial planning services. In order to provide one-stop, for the development of enterprises a full range of services.

Development so far, Compass Consulting limited has a composition by certified public accountants, financial consultant and senior management consultant strong team. Over the years, Compass Consulting limited has been adhering to the "integrity-based, customer first" service philosophy and the "target management, value center" the management idea, provides the high-quality service for the global tens of thousands of enterprises, and truly reflects the employees to achieve value, customer value, realization of value partners, enterprises realize the value of a win-win situation.

Service content:

Global Corporation registration service

Hongkong registered company, registered oversea company, foreign companies, the company representative office, business address, accounting audit, inspection, industry and commerce, industry and Commerce annual unlock, open a bank account application service, the company changes and cancellation, the company certificate of notarization, entry visa to China, a special permit.

Intellectual property rights registration and service

Trademark design, global trademark registration, trademark transfer and change, trademark review dismissed, trademark objection to reply, ISBN application, ISSN application, patent, brand planning and operation.

Enterprise financial tax services

Tax registration, annual inspection, annual report, cancellation; enterprise financial management, financial planning, tax planning, tax agency enterprise self-inspection report.

High-end business services

Enterprise investment scheme, listed companies financing scheme, the placing of new shares, convertible bonds, brand operation, brand planning, marketing planning, business, investment, enterprise human resources management and planning, enterprise management of trust assets, enterprise risk management, resource planning and management, enterprise project management system.

Service concept

Compass Consulting limited has been adhering to the "integrity-based, customer first" service philosophy, adhere to the "customers would like to think, urgent customer's urgency, do the needs of customers" service tenet,