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  • Compass Consulting Limited provides professional service to you for Malaysia company formation and management. The detail information is as follow.


    Malaysia Overview

    Malaysia is located in South East Asia between the Pacific and Indian Ocean with its primary peninsula bordering Thailand and Indonesia. Malaysia has a population of more than 20 million, of which there are more than 8 million Chinese. There is a stable environment of political, economic and trade with sound infrastructure and higher quality of the population and high standards of education facilities and medical equipment. Unemployment in Malaysia is low. In recent years, economic and trade cooperation between China and Malaysia maintains a trend of rapid growth with a annual growth rate of more than 20%. Malaysia is currently China's eighth largest trading partner. Malaysia is an important member of ASEAN and has become a springboard for investors to invest in ASEAN. The further information about the company registration procedures in Malaysia is as follow.



    Company name

    In Malaysia, company name can be in English or Malay language. The company name should be ended with SDN BHD.


    Registered Capital

    The registered capital for a Malaysia company could be as low as RM100.000, while the paid-up capital could be put in place in phases according to the actual operating conditions.


    Director& Shareholder
    At least two shareholders are needed for a Malaysia limited company. There is no nationality requirement of shareholders. Shareholders also can be directors.

    The government prescribes that there must be two Malaysia citizens as the directors who don’t need to hold stock in foreign investing company. But if the foreigners act as the director, they must acquire the local work visa or have transacted the Malaysia second homeland.

    If you need the local director, you may turn to Compass. We can assist you with our best service and suggestion, such as: you may increase the director number if you want to control the board.


    Registered Address
    The government stipulates that every limited company should have the registered address in Malaysia. The registered address can be provided by Compass Consulting Limited if needed.


    Business Scope

    Generally speaking, business scope is not really limited in Malaysia Company. But some special industry need be approved by the government.


    Requirements Documents

    1, Confirm Company name, registered capital.

    2, prepare shareholder(s) ID or passport copy.


    Registration Process

    Procedure: Fill in the application form→sign the confirmation letter personally→pay the deposit→transact in the government→finish within 20-25 working days→All the director sign the legal document personally→submit the document to Malaysia government to file→pay the spare money.


    Compass Service

    Compass package services include: Certificate of incorporation; Memorandum and Articles of association of the company; Common seal and atomic seal; Share book; registration address.


    Compass Follow-up Service

    1, Open bank account

    Compass is often honored as valuable business partners by many local or international banks in Malaysia. Compass’s assistance in bank account opening and follow up will make you easier to establish business relationship and smooth paper processing with banks. Compass’s service in bank account opening includes recommending bank, making appointment, working as a referee and guide for the whole processing.


    2, Annual Return

    Malaysia Company need do annual return every year. Compass can provide professional service to you.


    3, Accounting, Auditing, Tax Return and Fee

    No matter whether a Malaysia company has run business in Malaysia, accounting should be done for annual auditing before tax return.




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