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    Basic requirements:

    1. Already in production business enterprises with the State Administration for registration with a business license; the registered capital and net assets shall be more than 8.5 million RMB;

    2. Two consecutive years of annual sales revenue, export capacity in the amount of 50 million RMB and 100 million (electromechanical products into the enterprise's annual sales, exports amounted Availability in 30 million yuan and 50 million dollars) above;

    3. The import-export business with the necessary identifications.


    Here are the instructions of import and export right application/license.


    1.The private production of import and export enterprises to apply for the right to self-report;

    2.Corporate business license (photocopy);

    3.The industrial and commercial administrative organs for 2002 issued by the enterprise inspections and certification assets certificate form;

    4.The application of import-export goods catalog;

    5.The Acting exports of foreign trade enterprises issued by the export supply proof material;

    6.Tax departments at and above the county level issued by the tax proved.


    Declaration and approval procedures

    Having been approved by the import-export right of private enterprises, send the approval documents to the customs, immigration inspection, foreign exchange, trade and industry, and tax departments in the relevant procedures to provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, and a separate city departments in charge of foreign trade and economic cooperation for " import and export enterprises credentials " launched after the import-export business.


    Rights and obligations

    private production enterprises with import-export right enjoy the rights and the obligations as following :

    1.Able to be directly engaged in the import-export business;

    2.In approving the import and export business, the enterprise can operate self-produced products export business operators in the production, research the necessary machinery and equipment, spare parts, raw and auxiliary materials import and export businesses.

    3.Able to apply to join the import and export trade associations, participation in national and local departments in charge of foreign trade organizations of the foreign trade and economic activities, and the country's foreign trade policy and the policy guidance;

    4.Abide by relevant state foreign trade policies and laws and regulations;

    5.Acceptance of foreign trade import and export sector will be tick of supervision, management and coordination;

    6.Positive foreign exchange earned through exports.



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