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  • Overview

    Incorporate your company in Switzerland. We provide company formation services through our local Attorneys. Whether you are foreigner or national resident, we will process your application with all pertinent government authorities and we will perform all the necessary tasks in order to obtain your certificate of incorporation. We provide Domiciliation Services, Registered Agent Services, and other complimentary services that will help you to establish your company in Switzerland.



    When a company is incorporated, the maximum amount that the shareholders or members are liable for is established.


    Limited Liability

    When a company is incorporated, a new entity, different to its partners is created. This new entity will have its own name, address and equity; therefore the members are protected from liability. There is an invisible line between the personal assets and the company assets. In this way, members can protect possible losses than in other cases they may be liable for. When a company is not incorporated the debt payment may be unlimited, which could result in bankrupt.


    Establishment of a New Identity

    There are some people that incorporate to have a new business identity. It permits to distinguish from the competitors and it gives more confidence to their clients and suppliers.



    Incorporation Requirements

    1. Send us company information (company name, company type, shareholder’s / member’s information, etc.) We will provide you with the form.


    2. Send us Passport Copy.


    3. Have an address in Switzerland. If you don’t have one, we can provide this for you (Domiciliation Service).


    4. Have at least 1 resident Director for a Ag (Aktiengesellschaft), or at least 1 Manager for a GmbH (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung). In case you don´t have one we can provide you with this service.


    Process Description

    Incorporation Description:


    1, Preparation of power of attorney (if necessary).

    2, Preparation of Articles of Association and Articles of Incorporation.

    3, Opening of bank account.

    4, Payment of filing fees.

    5, Certificate of incorporation.


    Process Duration:

    Once the Attorney has received the Power of Attorney and the Incorporation Service Form, and the client had paid the capital, the new company will be incorporated in a period of time within one month.



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