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  • Joint Venture Company Registration
  • Author Date Time:2010-03-30 08:58:05
  • Definition of Joint Venture Company

    Chinese-foreign equity joint ventures a legal entity formed by Chinese investors and foreign investors, is a business arrangement in which the participants create a new business entity,share investment and operation expenses, management responsibilities, and profits and losses. Chinese investor should be an establish company.


    Company Name

    Company name of JV consists of four parts which are administrative division, name, Industry expression and limited. Your company name must be unique in the same industry and administrative division .Company name is related to register capital and business scope. For some sectors such as education, logistics, medicine and food industries, a special pre-approved license is needed. Only with 10 million, the word Guangdong can be registered. If the word “China” is within the company name, it is required to be pre-approved by SAIC (State Administration for Industry and Commerce).


    Business Scope

    One of the most important issues in JV application is business scope. Business scope needs to be defined and the JV can only conduct business within its approved business scope, which ultimately appears on the business license. Any amendments to the business scope require further application and approval.


    Registered Capital and Paid-Up Capital

    Registered capital is the amount that it’s required to run the business until it can break even - the 'minimum registered capital' is a guideline only. The amount of registered capital needed depends on factors like industry, scope of business and location. Generally speaking, for manufacturing and trading enterprise, the registered capital is required RMB 1 million or above. For service enterprises, such as consultancy, technology, market research and development, the registered capital is usually required RMB 500, 000 or above. Once the business license is issued, 15% of the registered capital should be paid up during 3 months, with the balance being remitted within 2 years. All of the registered capital can be paid in one time or several times, fewer times, fewer capital verification fees are needed.


    Shareholder(s), Director(s), Legal Responsible Person, Supervisor

    1, The shareholder are investors of a company, which can be natural person or legal entity. The shareholder can be one or more, but not over 50.

    2, The director could be acted by a foreign person or a Chinese person,above18 years of age.

    3, The legal responsible person is responsible for a company’s business activities and exercises legal right in accordance with the will of the enterprise. A company has only one legal responsible person.

    4, Supervisor should be appointed to supervise the company’s operation and management.

    Attention: Director, shareholder and legal responsible person can be the some person. While the supervisor and the legal responsible person could not be the same person.



    Documents Required for Joint Venture Company

    ------Documents provided by Chinese partner:

    1、4x copies of Chinese partner's local company business license and other licenses

    2、3x copies CPA firm's capital verification report

    3、3x copies Chinese partners last year audit report (it is needed for one-year old company)

    4、3x copies of Chinese partner's local company's article of association


    ------Documents provided by Foreign Partner:

    1、3x original Certificate of Incorporations, Articles of Incorporation or Equivalent document notarized by local lawyer and endorsed by Chinese embassy or consulate. For individual investor: 2x original Passport copies of Investors need be notarized by local lawyer and endorsed by Chinese embassy or consulate.

    2、2x original Bank Reference Letters from investor’s bank (declare a good standing)

    3、2x original The latest annual audit report copy from the parent company provided by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) (For the parent company established over one year)


    ------Documents provided by both Chinese Partner and Foreign Partner

    1、Office address in China, 2x original leasing contracts, 2x copies of house property certificate with company stamp or signature of lesser and 2x landlord identification documents  (The lessee should be acted by legal representative or investor. The area is required no less than 30 ㎡ and for commercial use only with more than one year’s rent and the lease contract should be endorsed by local Housing Management Authority)

    2、Passport copy or ID card of: (i) JV company 's Legal Representative (ii) JV company 's supervisor (iii) JV company 's director and (iv) JV company 's manager

    3、JV company's Legal Representative provides: 6 photos (2 inches size),

    4、Registered capital; Business Scope; 6 proposed Chinese names of JV company


    Government Processing Procedure

    1、Name registration with Guangzhou Administrative Bureau of Industry and Commerce

    2、Approval application from the Fire and Environment Bureau for manufacturing industry

    3、Pre-approval for some special industries

    4、Certificate of Approval issued by Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of Guangzhou Municipality

    5、Business License issued by Guangzhou Administrative Bureau of Industry and Commerce (GZABIC).

    6、Apply for stamps with the Public Security Bureau

    7、Organization Code License issued by Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau

    8、Tax Certificates issued by National & Local Tax Bureau

    9、Foreign Exchange Registration Card issued by State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE)

    10、Apply for the permits for the bank account opening,open foreign currency and RMB account

    11、Financial Registration Certificate issued by Finance Bureau


    Processing Time for JV

    1、Manufacturing enterprise: 50-70 working days (the time of approval papers application from the fire & environmental protection bureaus is not included)

    2、Trading and service enterprise: 50-80 working days


    Service, Fee and Terms of Payment

    1、Compass package services for JV formation include:

    Company name check and confirmation;Document preparation for application purposes, such as a feasibility study report, M&A, etc.;Certificate of Approval;Business License;Having a corporate seal engraved by the public security authorities; Organization Code Certificate ;Digital Certificate of Organization Code Certificate;National Tax Certificate;Local Tax Certificate;Foreign Exchange Registration Certificate;Assist bank opening, but not including the bank charges;Permit of bank account opening;Finance Registration Certificate;Company stamp, financial stamp and personal stamp of legal representative. All the certificates above include original one and duplicate one.


    2: Terms of payment: applicant can pay by cash, check or T/T to Compass’s bank account before the service begins.


    Annual Audit report 

    Any limited companies in China should summit annual audit report to the relevant authorities. Any company will be subject be to a fine if the Annual Audit Report is not submitted in a timely manner.


    Follow-Up Service of JV

    1、Apply Capital Verification Report with Certified Public Accountant (CPA) (after Inject capital from investor’s overseas bank account).

    2、Business license alteration

    3、Import and export license application

    4、General tax payer application


    Compass provides a series of business follow-up services such as, monthly bookkeeping and tax return, internal auditing, financial planning and tax layout, and China policy & market study. Other services include domain name registration, webpage design, website promotion, China trademark registration, Work Permit, Residence Permit, etc.



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