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  • Guangzhou Representative Office Registration
  • Author Date Time:2010-03-30 09:02:14
  • Compass Consulting limited provide professional and one-stop service to you for Guangzhou Representative Office formation and management. The detail information is as follow.


    Concept of Representative Office

    A Chinese representative office (RO) is an institute setup in China, representing its parent company for liaison with Chinese counterparts. A RO is not considered to be a separate legal entity. It can not directly engage in business operation. However, through which its parent company can enter into contracts with its supplier/customers in China in its own name, but not under the name of RO. A representative office is popular for those who are willing to enter China at the test period of business and investment.


    Functions of Representative Office

    1、Carry out market research, exhibition and publicity activities for its parent company in local market.

    2、Conduct quality inspection on goods and provide promotional materials to potential clients or trading partners.

    3、Disseminate information about new products and services of parent company.

    4、Communicate and liaise with local suppliers on behalf of parent company.

    5、Act as a coordinator for activities of parent company in China.


    Company Name

    The Chinese government has a name format for anyone who wants to setup a RO in China, the format is: country (area) + parent company name + Guangzhou Representative Office.


    Registered Capital

    Registered capital is not required for representative office formation.


    Business Scope

    The business scope of representative office is only engage in non-profit making activities related to parent company.


    Required Documents for RO registration

    -----prepared in oversea

    1, The valid general company business certificates (including the company alteration record documents)

    2, The memorandum articles of association of the general company

    3, The bank reference letters of the general company (2 original bank reference letter)

    4, Authorization Letter issued by the general company to authorize the person to sign registration documents. (Provide by Compass)

    5, Job appointment Letter issued by the general company. (Provide by Compass)

    6, Representatives’ passport (personal information page, entry page)

    The above documents need two original notarization one and endorsed by China Embassy or Consulate.

    7, The resume of the representatives

    8, Four color photos of representatives

    9, Five passport copies, including personal information page, visa page, entry page of representatives with signature and company stamp on it.

    10, Five passport copies of chairman of the general company with signature and company stamp on it.

    11, Stamp of the general company;

    12, Two original lease contract of office and the copy of house property certificate with company stamp or signature of lesser (The lessee should be acted by chief representative, or parent company. The area is required no less than 30 ㎡ and for commercial use only with more than one year’s rent and the lease should be endorsed by local Housing Management Authority)


    Working Procedure:

    Step 1, Enquiry and Consulting

    Step2, Fill out the application form, sign the agreement and arrange advance payment

    Step 3, Prepare statutory documents for investors to sign personally.

    Step 4, Forward documents to related government department

    Step 5, Keep clients informed of the processing.

    Step 6: Fulfill the agreement and settle accounts

    Step 7, Hand over all the company kit to clients, and sign the receipt.


    Compass Service

    1. Both original and duplicate copy of business license; 2. Registration license of the Local & National Taxation Bureau. 3. Seal carving registration card; 4. Organization Code License & card (IC card);  5, three stamps.


    Needed Time: 20-25 working days


    RO Taxation

    Although a RO is not to conduct business, it attracts tax as stated below:
    1. Individual Income Tax (IIT)
    IIT stands for Individual Income Tax which rates from 5% to 45% based on salary income exceeding more than RMB2000 for local employee and RMB 4800 for overseas employee. All the RO staff is subject to IIT if his income exceeds the limit. IIT is calculated according to such a formula: IIT= (income- limit)* rate.

    2. Business Tax (BT)
    BT stands for business tax which is based on monthly business operational expense, the rough rate is 5% based on your expenses. It is calculated according to the formula like this: BT= expenses/ (1-15%) ×5%.
    3. Enterprise Income Tax (EIT)
    EIT stands for enterprise income tax which is based on quarterly business operational expenses, the rate is 25%. It is calculated according to the formula: EIT = expenses/ (1-15%) ×10%×25%.


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