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  • Author Date Time:2010-03-30 09:08:40
  • Compass Consulting limited provide professional and one-stop service to you for Hong Kong company formation and management. The detail information is as follow.


    General Introduction about Hong Kong

    Hong Kong is a former British Dependent Territory which became a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China with effect from 1 July 1997. Hong Kong continues to have high autonomy in the running of its affairs under a 'one country, two systems' concept. Hong Kong remains a relative powerhouse in world trade and, with a comparatively small population of more than 7 million, is one of the top twenty trading economies, the world's third largest financial centre, and vies with Singapore as the largest container port in terms of volume. Hong Kong remains the most significant gateway into Southern China.


    Requirements for Hong Kong Company Registration

    1, Company Name

    Hong Kong Company name is very flexible. A company name can be in English, in Chinese, or both. In cases where the liability of members is limited, whether limited by shares or guarantee, the name must end with "Limited". A proposed company name cannot be the same as any of the existing name registered at the Companies Registry.  

    2. Business Scope

    One of the most exciting events covered in the formation of a HONGKONG company is the free business scope. Business scope is not really defined by the government for the businesses you carry on in Hong Kong. If we finish business registration, we can involve in any sectors we want. Generally speaking, business scope is not really limited in HONGKONG.

    3. Registered Capital

    For a HONGKONG limited company, the minimum registered capital is HKD10, 000. You can decide the company’s registered capital according to your purpose. The board of a company has a final say about paid-up capital. You don’t have to pay up your capital at the time the company is formatted.

    4. Company Address

    A Hong Kong Company should have an office address for company registration. You can rent one. If not, Compass Consulting Limited can provide registration address to you.

    5, Company Secretary

    Every limited company must have a company secretary. Person acting as Company Secretary must either be a Hong Kong resident or a Hong Kong Corporation. Duties of a Company Secretary are to handle corporate documents, preparing directors and shareholders minutes, allotment of shares, etc. Its duty differs administrative secretaries. Compass Consulting Limited can provide the service to you.

    6, Directors, Shareholders and Chairman

    In accordance with the Hong Kong "Companies Ordinance", a private company limited by shares must have at least one shareholder and but could not have more than 50 shareholders (members). The directors may exercise all powers of the company not required by the Company Ordinance or the articles to be exercised by the company in general meeting. A chairman is the fist legal responsible person of a company. All person should provide ID or passport copy for the company registration.


    Company Kits

    ※ Certificate of incorporation;

    ※ Business license;

    ※ 16 copies of memorandum and articles of association of the company;

    ※ Share book;

    ※ Statutory book;

    ※ Three pieces of chops;

    ※ A book of receipt;


    Follow-up Service

    1. Annual Return

    Any limited companies in Hong Kong should carry on annual return to the Company Registry and the Inland Revenue Department. This time for a Hong Kong Company annual return is registration anniversary date. Compass Consulting Limited can provide the service to you.

    2. Book keeping, Auditing & Taxation Report

    Every company is required to record the company’s accounts accurately and keep the books more than 7 years, to appoint a Certified Public Accountant to audit the account books before an audit report is prepared and filed with the HONGKONG Inland Revenue Department, who must be qualified by virtue of the Hong Kong Professional Accountants Ordinance and completely independent of the company. Compass Consulting Limited can arrange bookkeeping and auditing for you in time of need. Every company is required to finish tax return on the 18th month from the date of company incorporated in Hong Kong.


    Law and Taxation

    There are several distinctive features of the Hong Kong tax system. There is no capital gains tax and dividend income tax. The standard corporate profit tax rate of 16.5%, while the unlimited company’s profit tax rate is only 16%, it is relatively low compared with the other developed countries. In Hong Kong, any enterprises are required to have a financial report annually to the Inland Revenue Department. More details about the tax information are available upon request of our valued customers.


    Process to register Hong Kong Company

    You can begin your application by simply downloading and filling in the application form, and send it by email at topcompass@gmail.com .when we receive your request; we’ll send you a confirmation letter for your final decision.



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